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éducateur canin ; Babines Tranquilles ; Comportementaliste canin; éducation positive chiens ; éduquer un chiot ; éducation canine ; 14 Route du Pont de Vaux ; Marly-sous-Issy ; Luzy




Canine educator, canine coach and canine behaviorist Nièvre, Saône-et-Loire...

I use an original method of canine education, the "LEADERSHIP-TRAINING", method of Didier Raynal, Woodenpark .
It is inspired by one of the greatest American whisperers, who is none other than Monty Roberts, "The man who whispered in the ear of horses" (to communicate through body gestures, to lead by anticipation, to know motivate while learning").


Predict the arrival of a puppy or an adult dog, understand your new puppy or adult companion, start learning, rediscover your dog, forget the days, months, years of shared stress by coming to meet me to find the harmony at the heart of your home.

Running away, dirtiness, destruction, aggressiveness, fears, recall, walking on a leash, basic orders..., for his well-being and yours, for his safety and yours, become QUIET WIPERS.

It's not enough to love him, you have to understand him...

To love it, you know how to do it, to understand it, I will teach you.



    14 Château du Pont de Vaux


    Phone. : 06 99 31 86 16


éducateur canin; Babines Tranquilles; comportementaliste canin; éducation canine; éduquer
BABINES TRANQUILLES, Malinois, chien, éducateur canin
Canine Educator


Graduated then certified in canine education from the famous Woodenpark training center , Didier Raynal, my trainer and founder of this training center, accompanied by his mythical German shepherd New-New (photo opposite), passed on his knowledge and his canine education method with the kindness and love due to our hairy companions and their masters.

The originality and effectiveness over time of the dog training method that Didier Raynal has developed is well established. Thousands of dogs have already benefited from it and are now in harmony with their masters.

Thank you Didier, who has become my friend, and thank you for this Wooden's network of which I am a part, for this family of lips lovers.

Canine behaviorist


Graduated then certified in canine behaviorism from the famous Woodenpark training center , it was with Lise Busi and her magnificent companion Woody (photo opposite), that I did my classes.

Lise Busi, a timeless animal enthusiast, a true humanist, has devoted most of her life to helping animals and their masters to live in communion.

Co-founder of the Woodenpark training center, Woodenpark dog behavior trainer and personal development coach  "At the foot of my being"  , she was able, and still continues, to transmit her knowledge for the animal but also for the human and so that each Wooden can learn, observe, analyze, understand and help.

Thank you my friend Lise, thanks to you, knowledge does not stop at what is written on a piece of paper, thank you for what you are and what you have given me.

Consulter un éducateur canin, comportementaliste canin, n'est pas une faiblesse ni une honte ! C'est un acte d'amour infini pour votre chien afin de vivre mieux ensemble.

Je ne fais pas des chiens des robots identiques les uns aux autres. L'éducation des Babines Tranquilles est PERSONNALISEE car les chiens comme les humains ont une vie, un environnement, des attentes différentes.

Restons bienveillants mais logiques dans l'éducation canine.

Babines Tranquilles dogs